Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't start judging...yet

Welcome to 'Macrophages', a mere establishment I've created based off an arbitrary whim. For 2 years now I have been reading blogs (namely kottke, dooce, and blurbomat) that mainly revolve around personal affairs seeing as I own neither a Mac nor know anything behind that of basic HTML. I am, admittedly, drawn to aesthetic creations and am somewhat guilty of judging sites based solely on their overall physical appearance. That's pretty pathetic, I'm sure you're thinking, considering this place is made up of a default design created by Blogger -- with absolutely no add ons by myself. I have created Macrophages for one reason only, and that is to write down my thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not here to talk about Web 2.0 or Apple's new releases (occasionally I'll mention my Ipod Nano, but I'm sure you catch my drift) but rather my personal life. As of November 22nd I turned fifteen years old, and am now officially less than 10 months away from getting my driving permit. Yes, my daily life differs greatly from that of a 49 year old male working in an office 24/7 -- as does my father. Yes, I'm sure you'd rather read more about someone's experiences being a mother juggling a full time job while still managing to make pancakes in the morning as opposed to my experience in tenth grade. But personally? I think diversity is something that is sorely lacked here on the Internet, and I'm tired of seeing the same old kind of websites lying around. I'm not saying there isn't another hormonal female out there writing a blog, but I'd like to see more of them. So I present you with 'Macrophages', a project I sincerely hope lasts a good, long while. Perhaps in the near future I'll migrate towards an actual domain...but right now I'd like to keep things local here on Blogger.